Seattle’s Greatest Hits – Cafe Lago


The move from Seattle to New York City has been months in the making for Slaven and myself. In addition to all of the typical logistical stuff to do in advance of a cross-country move was also to make sure we hit all of our favorite Seattle restaurants one final time.

Cafe Lago was near the top of my list. As someone who arrived to Seattle from Montana many, many years ago, my context for dinning out was…I’ll say a little more “relaxed” and “rustic.”  My inaugural visit to Cafe Lago over a decade ago gifted me with my first meal of handmade pasta, and that experience totally elevated my expectations of the quality of food I should be eating at restaurants going forward.

We returned to Lago on a late Summer evening with a couple of friends. One friend let us know that Lago is the restaurant his mom goes to when she wants a nice Italian meal, and I think that accurately sums up the vibe of the place. It’s embedded in the very nice Montlake neighborhood of Seattle, and the patrons reflect the age and class of the area.

It’s not a trendy restaurant, but you won’t really notice when you’re face down in a plate of ravioli.

I won’t spend a ton of time waxing on the melt-in-your-mouth luxury of the béchamel and ricotta lasagna that I put away like a champ, or about how the four of us wiped out the sizable antipasto plate in a swoop that seem to startle even the waitress.

The real winner of the night was the Wry Drink – seemingly a neighbor of the Toronto with Cynar added into the mix of whiskey and Frenet Branca – because we all had one with dinner, and then ordered another one as dessert. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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